YES, these are legal for civilian use and ownership, this is not a law enforcement only product.

Our task was to produce a shield system that interfaced with the ACH, MICH and the original PASGT Helmet designs. Field data, laboratory testing and many months of design work yielded the DK6 series Face Shield system. The entire assembly can be mounted in only moments, to any size ACH, MICH or PASGT helmet by simply dropping it over the top of the helmet shell, setting the two side hooks and closing the over center clamp at the rear of the helmet. All of this is accomplished without tools, no modifications to the helmet and you can leave the Night Vision Bracket attached.

Universal face shield system that adapts to most helmets. Designed to fit all advanced style Military helmets. Integral rubber seal provides a liquid barrier at the helmet / shield interface. Shield locks into the stowed or deployed positions and can be released with one hand. Pivot and lock assembly can be transferred to the right or left of the shield for individual preference.

Material: Polycarbonate Anti-fog and Hard Coated

Color: Clear

Product Weight: 1.30 lb


NIJ 0104.02 MIL-V-43511C , V-50 Rated

Unparalleled fit and function over any similar product. Certified to NIJ 0104.02 for Police use.

Police, Sheriff, National Guard, University Police, Riot Squad, Jail,

Fits all Advanced Combat Helmets such as (ACH), MICH and PASGT helmets. Shield thickness .250 "Shield Length is 6" to accommodate the use of a NBC Cartridge on a Gas Mask